Avertech Optimizes the Performance and Cost for Ubitech’s Attendance Application

Introduction- Ubitech Solutions
Ubitech Solutions recognized as 20 most Promising Enterprise Solution companies of India with offices in New Delhi, Gwalior & Dubai. They offer one stop Software & Mobile Apps for Digital transformation in the following areas. Aviation Attendance Management Aptitude Testing Field Staff Management HR Management | Work Shift Planning E-Journals Ubitech Solutions have served more customers in 60+ countries. The company’s customer centric approach is reflected in its clientele that includes top notch organizations.
The Challenge
Ubitech Solutions has Initially deployed the infra for their application on aws by its inhouse team on a single server for testing purpose and later they converted these test server in production. Due to lack of aws best practices the application experience was not satisfactory for end users. Ubitech application faced multiple challenges like availability and performance issues which did not bode well for customer experience. Therefore Ubitech team discussed with Avertech team to provide the solution for increasing the end customer experience for their attendance application and implement the aws security best practices by rearchitecting their infra.
The Solution

Ubitech Solution has engaged Avertech team to manage and redeploy their application to aws cloud with aws best practices.

Avertech Services is a consulting partner of AWS. Avertech has done the assessments of existing infra of Ubitech and based on findings Avertech has redeployed the infra for website and application on aws for increasing performance. The new infra includes

The Benefits

Unitech’s attendance application has not faced any issues ever since Avertech Services took over as its managed service provider. The attendance application is always available and has very high speed of accessibility after reimplementation of application on aws cloud.

“We have not faced downtime issues since we engaged Avertech Team. The performance has also gone up with cost optimize way” says Mr. Parth Bhansali, Head of Sales and Buisness.

Avertech Services has understood the business imperatives and aligned the infrastructure to meet with those objectives. The technical team does not have to spend time and resources in managing the performance of the website or application.