Avertech Performed Security Audit For Arkchat and Implemented The Recommendations To Improve Their Security Posture

About Arkchat

Arkchat is a business messaging platform. It helps SMEs manage day to day business efficiently by cutting cost, time, and effort. SMEs also get business by connecting to new customers.

Messaging in Arkchat takes centre stage. Arkchat has made messaging so powerful that SME team, its vendors, partners, and customers remain in sync with simple day to day messaging. When day to day messages are converted to tasks and approval requests, SMEs have unprecedented capabilities to manage their business without extra efforts.

Integration of messaging with a marketplace helps buyers and sellers connect with each other. While collaborating with their teams, SME teams can find and engage in conversation with freelancers, service providers, and product sellers. On the one hand SMEs can source products and services while on the other hand sellers get new business opportunities.

Customer Business Needs

While already leveraging the power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in their development environment, Arkchat needed a partner who could help them mitigate risk and security issues in the production environment.

By utilizing AWS tools and services such as Amazon Security Hub, Guard Duty, AWS Shield, IAM Best Practices and AWS Config, the environment is now better organized and stored more meaningfully for Arkchat customers.

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The Solutions
Avertech is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, We helped Arkchat in Assessment of aws account and prepared report based on aws best practices and CIS bench marks an based on financial approval we mitigate the security risk.
Arkchat was successful in mitigating risks and conduct a security audit for their production environment. It helps Arkchat to get security score on Security Hub 95+.
"Avertech team is technically very sound and respond to client requirements very promptly. They act not just as a service provider but as a friend, advising clients on how to build their AWS infra better and how to save costs"
Mr. Chetan Singh
Founder – Arkchat Private Limited