Inventory Management Software Migration on AWS for achieving Performance and Security

Customer Introduction

Dream Web Solution is a Web Design and Development company that offer all type of web design, development, unique Local SEO and Digital Marketing services for the leading and upcoming corporate.

Dream Web Solution having one application with name of Ecomlisters ( ) that is very popular inventory management application in market. Ecomlisters is an eBay authorised third party inventory management application. Using this application, brands and retailers can list and sell their products on the various platforms worldwide.

The Challenge

Ecomlisters application earlier hosted on BigRock platform using shared hosting environment. Where they are facing multiple downtimes and application slowness issue. The implementation of application was done on single server therefore they were also worried about the database which was exposed publicly.

After discussion with Avertech Team, Dream Web Solution team agreed to host their application to AWS cloud. Current application portal used directly by their customers and admin portal used by their backend team therefore the availability of the both applications are very critical. Dream Web Solution want to ensure the availability and security of this application with the planning of host their application on AWS cloud using AWS suggested best practices.

They also want to configure CDN and AutoScaling for their environment, so that the Application have better performance and be available with minimum downtime in case of high traffic or any disaster in the primary availability zone.

The Solution

Avertech Services Team had detailed discussion with Dream Web Solution’s team and listed their requirements, and based on requirements we provided the solution to achieve the desire goal in following manners-

With access to an array of technologies enabled through on-demand resources, Customer was able to get started with AWS technologies swiftly. The new system can handle unpredictable loads without the need for estimation or forecasting. This means, Dream Web Solution team no longer needs to predict future traffic or face delays while gaining time significantly to go to market.

 Avertech Services helped implement AWS features like S3 for storing images and static contents. It deployed CloudFront for content delivery and AutoScaling as well. Dream Web Solution team adopted CloudWatch for monitoring server health and performance that are very useful to a dynamic application in accelerating performance, reducing development costs, and negotiating time to deal with a large number of suppliers.

The Benefits

Avertech helped Dream Web Solution Team to achieve the required performance and security for their application. So that, DWS team can focus and give their attention on development and product enhancement rather than managing its IT infrastructure. Working within a flexible system and using features like Elastic Load Balancer and Autoscaling has allowed Dream Web Solution’s team to be able to optimise costs and achieve cost reduction, something that wouldn’t have been possible in a earlier hosting service provider.

With the help of Avertech Services, Dream Web Solution team has got the right security level, Performance and it has achieved approx. 100 percent uptime as per their corporate policies.

“Avertech team has done the migration to aws cloud within planned timelines and we are very satisfied with their dedication and effort By doing the migration to aws cloud. We get better performance, security and availability of our application compared to the private hosting”

Mr. Ankur Jindal
Founder – Dream Web Solution