NK Classes has increased application performance using AWS CDN

About NKClasses
NK Classes provide online test series and also provide online and offline classes for NTPC SM/TA Psycho Test, ALP Psycho Test, GDCE Psycho Test, DFCCIL Psycho Test, NCRTC Psycho Test, DMRC, and Metro Rail Psycho Test based on the latest RDSO Psycho exam pattern.
The Challenge

NK Psycho Classes Team facing performance related challenges and slow questions loads during test exam specially when number of users increased on their site/app due to non-elasticity of environment and all their question which are in JPG/PNG format serve through server only.

The Solutions

NK Classes has engaged Avertech team to manage and redeploy their application to aws cloud with aws best practices.

Avertech Services is an AdvancedConsulting Partner of AWS. Based on discussion and NK Team, We have done the assessments forCurrent infra of NK Classes and found that current application have approx. 90% static data and serving through local server only which causing high usages on server, based on findings Avertech has redeployed the infra for their application on aws for increasing performance and reliability.
The new implementation includes following key points-

The Benefits

After implementation of AWS CDN.NK Classes App and Website both started loading fast and they found approx. 90-95% static data loading form CDN only which helps NK Classes to Reduce the server size as well to achieve approx. 18-20% cost reductions.

"We had only 3-4 days to prepare before going live for test series. Using a traditional approach, which involves installation of fresh servers etc, would have been impossible. However, with help from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Avertech, we succeeded in meeting the deadline."
NK Sharma
Founder – NK Classes